Discuss . Strategise . Guide

Workshops for teams and stakeholders to generate ideas, manage resources, and find solutions for a better future.

Change Management

Ideas . Action . Sustainability

Workshops, projects and programs designed with you and your team to plan, implement, evaluate, and embed improvements to your services.


Facilitation is a delicate balance of science and art — it's moving people from ambiguity and inaction to clarity and purpose.

Facilitators fill an impartial role in supporting everyone to do their best thinking and practice, so that group meetings are more effective. As facilitators we're there to stimulate thinking, activate change, and make it easy for the group to find and organise their ideas and actions.

We help you make the best use of your time, energy and resources.

We can provide experienced facilitators for your strategic planning, team building, project and change management. We love working with small and large teams in health, aged and community care.

Change Management

Change is all about winning over hearts and minds. Getting people to think and feel differently — so that they act differently!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on  building the new." ~ Socrates

People support what they create, so we work with you and your teams to engage and empower everyone in the transition to a new way.

In our experience you need a combination of the rational, the emotional, and the technical to plan, implement and embed sustainable change.

We work with teams to inspire, instruct and involve all your stakeholders through consultation, workshops, evaluations and reports.

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